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myUNB Portal Critique & Re-Design

For week three of Designber, I am redesigning the myUNB Portal web application. The myUNB Portal is used by students and faculty members at the university of new brunswick, and it acts as a central location to access the various online services offered by the university.


I broke this week's design into two videos because I wanted to give my in-depth critique on the current version of myUNB before jumping into the redesign, which ended up taking longer than expected. I chose to redesign myUNB because it is a service used my so many people I know on a daily basis, and almost as often as it is used, I hear people complain about its (lack of) design. This is honestly one of the worst designs I've ever seen for a production piece of software. It is sloppy, has no visual hierachy, and has no consideration for user experience.


And in the second video I show the design process. I had a general idea of what I wanted the interface to look like but you'll notice towards the end I played around with the colour scheme quite throughly. This attention to small details is part of what turns a good design into a great design.

myUNB Portal Design

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