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Google Search Results Page Redesign

This marks my fifth design video. Last month, I Finished up Designber where I challenged myself to create a new design every week. Make sure to go check those out!

Today’s design was inpired by Mackenzie Child (@mackenziechild), an amazingly talented designer, who he has been doing a Daily Design seires for almost 50 days now. Yesterday Mackenzie redesigned the Google search page and I thought I would take this opportunity to do this design challenge along with him.

Before I started this design, I made a point to not look at Mackenzie's design video for the Google search results page to avoid having his design influence mine. I think in doing this, it will be interesting to see our different approaches and design choices.

Another reason I didn't look at Mackenzie's design before hand is because I thought it might have discouraged me from doing the design altogether. I know I have an overly-competative mindset and because of this, I would have likely fallen into the trap of comparing myself to Mackenzie. I think it is a good idea to compare the two designs, but only after they're finished. Mackenzie has been designing for about 10 years now, compared to my 1-2 years of design experience, so I'm expecting his design to be leagues ahead of mine... But everyone starts at zero. I hope that by designing alongside Mackenzie in this design challenge, I'll be able to compare and contrast our two designs and be able to pick up on some of his techniques in doing so.

The Design Process & Video

If I were redesigning the Google search results page as a designer at Google, I would have used Google's own Material Design which will eventually be implemented throughout Google's product line. If you're unfamiliar with Material Design, go check out my redesign of UNB eServices, which I designed with Material Design in mind. However in today's design, I decided not use Material Design Guidelines in order to challenge my design skills a bit more.

Google Search Results Page

Google Search Results Page[FULL IMAGE]

Mackenzie Child's Redesign of the Google Search Page

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