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UNB eServices Redesign

In week four of Designber, I continued the trend from last week by redesigning UNB eServices. eServices has many use cases so I decided to narrow my scope and focus on just a single aspect of the application, which is Term Marks. I chose to focus on this part of eServices because it is the most widely used.

You'll also notice that I left a lot of tabs out of the new design. This was not by accident. I chose to do this because most of those tabs could be condensed into one of three categories: Academic, Financial, and Personal.

Current Design of eServices

The current design isn't that bad, it's just outdated. It was a good design when it was built over ten years ago, but the web has progressed immensely since then...

Current UNB eServices Design

Current UNB eServices [JPG]

My Failed Redesign

When I first started the redesign, I wanted it to have a minimalist look and feel, but this didn't work out. What I ended up with was a cluttered, uncoordinated design. And this is when I stopped.

My Failed UNB eServices Redesign

My Failed UNB eServices Redesign [JPG]

My Second Attempt

I came back to the design with all the failures of my first attempt in mind. This helped me avoid the pitfalls of my first design and I was finally able to create something I liked.

A note about the menu bar: You'll notice I only have three tabs (Academic, Financial, and Personal) as opposed to the original which had several more. The decision to cut back on the number of tabs was made to better catagorize different functionality. I found that all the current tabs could be reduced to these three catagories as follows:

Academic includes:

  • Academic
  • Library
  • ETD (Electronic Theses & Dissertations)

Financial includes:

  • Financial
  • Employees

Personal includes:

  • Personal
  • Voting
  • Email
  • Residence
  • Computing
  • Logout

My UNB eServices Redesign

My UNB eServices Redesign [JPG]

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