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Designber is Here!

Well, the day has finally come. It's the 1st of December! Here at whitespace, we're calling this month Designber (yes, I know it's not the best name...). Designber means that I'm spending the entire month producing content talking about various topics related to UI/UX design.

UI and UX should be considered in everything you create that is going to be seen by another person.

In my opinion, design is the most important part of any product, whether that be software or a physical product -- everything has design elements. If you're not a designer, just knowing some of the basics of user interface (UI) design and user experience (UX) will give your work the clean and professional look and feel it deserves. Even if it's just a simple email or text document, UI and UX should be considered in everything you create that is going to be seen by another person (user).

Throughout the month I'll be writing posts discussing design basics and I'll also be giving some examples of ways you can improve your own life by applying UI and UX design principles to everyday tasks. I've also started making videos, each in which I'll be either creating a new UI design for existing websites or designing an all-new UI of my own.

You can watch the first of these design videos below. In this one, I redesign the website for Developer Tea which a 10(ish) minute podcast for developers with episodes releases almost daily. It is one of my favourite podcasts to listen to and it is also a great source even for non-developers to level up their professional mindset and productive output.

Developer Tea Website Design

Developer Tea Website Design (FULL IMAGE)

Remember that I'll still be posting new content every Tuesday as usual, but since it's Designber I may be posting more often! If there is anything this month you'd like me to cover or just something interesting you want to show me (or if you just want to say hi), just let me know with a comment. I'm always happy to respond to you! :)

Happy Designber, everyone!

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